Corporate Offsite MICE Tours


corporate offsite mice tours

Have you ever given a thought of hosting a Corporate Day Outing for amidst the serene hills of Uttarakhand? Or amid the royal place – Jaipur? Or celebrating an award ceremony for employees in Goa? Well, if not, then start thinking about it as other organizations are following the same and keeping their employees charged up hosting it every interval of three-four months. You can plan one now with Comfort Your Journey Pvt. Ltd. (CYJ).

When we think about Corporate Meetings, an image of people comes up in our mind wearing black suit, carrying laptops, and serious discussions for a long hour. But, there is nothing like that, corporate doesn’t mean that you will have to get bored. You can keep the fun element with your employees, keeping the business at the top. In this way, you would be able to create a healthy atmosphere for the people and the work culture will also be maintained. The idea of these Corporate Events is to make the employees happy and let them know that as they manage a lot of your company, you also care for them and value their efforts.

Hectic work, deadlines, work pressure can make them feel frustrated which is one of the main reasons why people become less-productive at work and are not able to concentrate as they are fed up with the monotonous life. The secluded place for a day or two will keep them away from work stress and let them fly like a bird. This way, they will be able to interact with everyone from different departments and you will see a tremendous change in their bonding as well. Team work doesn’t come so easy! The short vacations or just a Corporate Day-picnic offers various such opportunities where all come together to participate in fun activities.

Appreciation or Rewards are the great ways to telling them that you care for them and ultimately you will see a lot of high performance from their side. By rewarding them and giving them awards, there is a zest and zeal that comes in the mind of everyone to work harder. Who doesn’t wants to get appreciated for their hard-work? There are a lot of places to organize Corporate Tours and can go for Corporate Weekend Getaways. Whether you love mountains or beaches, CYJ will surely help you out deciding the best suitable place for you without any hassle.

We understand how important Corporate Offsite Tours is for you, so we would like to take the responsibility with our impeccable services. We would do everything to make your Corporate Event be a grand success. Covering accommodations in luxury resorts and hotels, sightseeing arrangements, and entertaining options, we ensure the smooth way of your trip from start to finish that fit right in your budget and time-frame. Be it beaches or mountains, we make sure that you get the destination of your choice for an idyllic vacation on your Corporate Offsite Tour.

Change of environment and inclusion of brain storming activities and sports like badminton, tug of war, and various other team-building activities will augment communication, amplify the morale of the group, increase the productivity and help boost employee morale by getting to understand one another’s strengths and weaknesses. For small companies to big MNC’s, we organize Corporate Team Outings for everyone to add an extra sprint of cheerfulness and enjoyment.

When we think of Corporate Offsite Tours, a lot of things comes to our mind and it includes a lot of responsibilities from taking care of your employees to making it a success, CYJ will surely guide you and you will witness a great experience with us!

So, if you are thinking of opting for Corporate Offsite Tour then you can always reach out to us and avail the exciting discounts on Corporate Tour Packages. For a vacation that you will treasure for lifetime, get in touch with one of the top Corporate travel agencies.